Nose Art and Paint Jobs

Pictures of aircraft in Vietnam.
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Nose Art

Special Paint Jobs

Roland Scheck's collection of 17 nose art pictures.

Steve Kerchenfaut's collection of 18 nose art pictures. Some pictures taken by Mike Sloniker.

Musket UH-1C 66-00520

Nose view of UH-1C 66-00520 showing the excellent Musket paint job on this aircraft. 1971 picture contributed by Jolly Wilson, CE.

Extra 12 lb rocket pods for UH-1C 66-00520 with Musket skull paint job. 1971 picture contributed by Jolly Wilson, CE.

The famous nose art of UH-1M 66-00618 with the skull and cross bones over 1%. 1971 Picture contributed by Jolly Wilson.

Blacksmith - Nice nose art, but sadly this aircraft crashed after a tail rotor failure which ocurred while flying down the beach. Picture and info contributed by William "Jolly" Wilson.

UH-1H 66-16837 - Means To An End. This aircraft was listed as a total loss after it was involved in a midair collision on 06/08/1970. Both of the aircraft in the collision landed and there were no injuries to any of the crew. Read the information from the Army Aviation Safety Center database on this incident. Funny thing....the Safety Center record doesn't say anything about overlapping rotorblades.....wonder why? Picture contributed by Murlen Richmond.

UH-1H 68-15541 "IN A GADDA DA VIDA". Joe Gross' favorite aircraft - "541". The CE on this aircraft was Ed. Gunner was Jay. This aircraft was lost in Laos on 15 AUG 1970. Picture contributed by Joe Gross.

Smokey 500 with troops disembarking in the LZ. This picture is cropped from an official US Army photograph dated April 1968. According to records, Smokey 500 was not assigned to the 176th until June. Picture was contributed by Scott Tuttle.

UH-1C 66-00744 '744s Revenge'. Picture contributed by Tom Herrington.

UH-1C 66-15089

Rosemary's Baby- UH-1C 66-15089 and Tom Herrington. Picture contributed by Tom Herrington.

Musket super hog Rosemary's Baby UH-1C 66-15089 in flight. This aircraft flew 1189 hours in the unit. Picture contributed by Tom Herrington.

UH-1C 66-15089 gunship Rosemary's Baby- This is the same picture that is featured in the 1999 VHPA calendar. CE on this aircraft was Owen "Butch" Brant. Picture contributed by Steve Kerchenfaut.

See Steve Kerchenfaut's Nose Art Collection for more of Rosemary's Baby.

UH-1C 66-00605

UH-1C Musket 66-00605. This picture was taken in Chu Lai around Oct. 1967. Picture and information contributed by Dale Wiese.

The Persuader UH-1C 66-00605 NOSE-ART. Another ship crewed by Larry Silva.'67-68. This aircraft was in the unit from 67-03 to 70-10 and logged 2,370 hours. Picture contributed by Larry Silva.

UH-1C 66-00606

VC For Lunch Bunch UH-1C 66-00606 -This is how 606 looked when Larry Silva became CE. '67-68. This aircraft was in the unit from 67-03 to 69-03 and logged 1,365 hours. Picture contributed by Larry Silva.
Super Hog UH-1C 66-00606 NOSE-ART. This picture shows the nose art that Larry Silva added to 606. '67-68. Picture contributed by Larry Silva. The nose art on this ship was changed later to look like this picture. This aircraft was loss to inventory on 04/07/1969 due to AAA larger than 20mm. Picture contributed by Steve Kerchenfaut. Information on A/C loss provided by VHPA

Cheap Thrills 68-16468 UH-1H NOSE-ART. 468 was in the 176th from 69-12 to 71-12 and logged 1862 hours. Picture contributed by Rick Phillips.

GREYHOUND NO F---IN SLACK Avionics nose door- "We had to change our avionics door and replace with this one every time we had CC with 'Greyhound'. This was a *Bird Colonel and mean as nails. This picture was taken at Duc Pho, 1967". Picture and info contributed by Dale Wiese.
* Greyhound 6, 2/327th Battalion CO, 1st Brigade (Separate),101st Airborne Division.

Oregon Taxi UH-1D 66-16230 NOSE-ART. This was done in July '67. Minuteman 230 was the newest slick in the Company at this time. Also, the only one with nose art. A drawing of this aircraft appears on page 56 in Vietnam, The Decisive Battles, by John Pimlott. This aircraft was in the unit from 67-06 to 68-04 and logged 1,372 hours. Picture and information contributed by crew chief Dale Wiese.

Musket gunship in flight - Interesting and well done paint job on the rocket pods. According to Tedd Gaieski and Scott Reed, Mark Dekreon was a CE on this bird. They also contributed two possible tail numbers, UH-1C 66-15027, 70-08 to 71-02 with 368 hours or UH-1M 66-00534,10-11 to 71-12 with 697 hours. Tony Commander was door gunner on the aircraft. Also, according to Tedd, "The gun mount pylon cover was painted in the red, white, and blue paint scheme with the words "Silent Majority". "They" represented the 1% of the "polls" who didn't give a f--k!! they kept going around yelling "1%"!!!" This "1%" seems to have origins in an article or letter written about the men serving in Vietnam. UH-1M 66-00618 had the 1% with skull and crossbones on the nose.  The following explanation received from William "Jolly" Wilson on 12/26-99 states, "I read this posted letter. I don't remember word for word what it read, but do remember that it was saying that air crew members (crew chiefs and door gunners) made up only 1% of the combat troops in nam." Musket 32, Steve Kerchenfaut has a note that says, "618- 1% ... The 1% came from someone telling him 99% of society is not crazy and would not be a gunner." Picture Contributed by Chuck Fatheree.

Two Sharks of the 174th AHC at Duc Pho, 1969. One has an incomplete paint job and appears to be wearing lipstick instead of showing teeth, but a kiss from that UH-1C would be the kiss of death. Picture contributed by Mike Parris.

F/8th Cav. Blue Ghost UH-1C at the Manor. Picture contributed by Tom Herrington.


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