Recent Pictures

More recent pictures of interest to those who served in Vietnam.
This page was last updated on 02/01/09
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Recent Pictures

Joe Gross with daughter Karen and Grandaughter Dacia (Yeah, grandaughter). Picture contributed by Joe Gross.

Mike Waugh in the captain's seat of an Alaskan Airline jet. Picture contributed by Mike Waugh. 

The Manatee County Sherrif's Department Jet Ranger newly outfitted for the war on crime with "The Ulitmate Crime Supressor". Tom Herrington, where did you get that Falcon missile?  "Carl, the missile on our 58 is a Falcon. It belongs to Sgt Mike Kenyon of our Sheriffs Dept. A friend of his had it in his attic and gave it to Mike. Mike then had it painted to original colors at a local body shop and wrote to the manufacturer to get the decals. According to the manufacturers Rep it is one of a kind."

Rick Reavill in the left front seat of a helicopter off the east coast of Borneo while going home from an oil rig in the South China Sea. "Sumbitches still won't let me fly it." Picture contributed by Rick Reavill.

#1 Don Ramsey with M60 machine gun about 10 years ago at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial. GO HOT!

#2 Don Ramsey in flight helmet about 10 years ago at the Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

Highway 1 near Chu Lai 1993. Picture contributed by Rick Phillips.


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