Crane Escort Near Laos In 1971

Hercules A/C# 430 with a 155mm howitzer sling load headed for a FSB near Laos.

Musket 39 wishing he had brought his flight jacket. Has seldom seen clouds from above. Wonders if his nose is just cold or if he has a nose bleed.

Unused to this height, Jolly Wilson gets a new perspective on Vietnam.

Arriving at the fire support base, the RTO pops a smoke.  Smoke Out! 

Hercules 430 confirms a grape smoke and begins his approach to the FSB empty gun pit.   

Hercules 430 at t high hover or the empty gun position. Look closely just between the river and the FSB. You can just make out the rotor plane of the CH-54 and the howitzer underneath. 

Herc 430 lowers the howitzer into the empty gun position. Five other guns are already in place.

A Chinook lands at the resupply pad while Herc 430 hovers over the gun emplacement.

After the uneventful Crane escort Robert & Jolly have a very memorable day when they discover a whale shark longer than 520 while flying along the beach south of Danang. Cpt. Robert Fureigh at the controls.