Pacific Stars & Stripes Vol. 26, No. 134 Friday, May 15, 1970 Page 7

Lizard Plaguing 'Services'

CAMP RADCLIFF. Vietnam (Special) - A 2nd Brigade chaplain's assistant is trying to put his outdoorsman's skills to work on a somewhat embarrassing problem at the 4th Inf. Div.'s highlander Chapel.

The nemesis in this case was the infamous Vietnamese "InsuIting Lizard" who lurks in every nook, cranny and bush in Camp Radcliff and emits his limited vocabulary. From dusk to dark the lizard would interrupt chapel business nightly with its own version of fire and brimstone.

"It got to be annoying." said Spec. 5 Tom Wagner. "That kind of racket is just not right for our atmosphere here" (at the High-lander Chapel), he explained.

Wagner thought the best way to cope with his antagonist would be to trap and then relocate the noisy reptile. So he scrounged a few simple mate-rials and began construction of an "Insulting Lizard Trap."

"I used to trap beaver back in Minnesota just for fun. I'd turn them loose after I caught them." Wagner said.

In no time Wagner had fin-ished his trap, made from a few boards, some screening and a coat hanger. The lizard trap was equipped with a trap door that is triggered by pressure put on the bait hook. His next problem was how to bait the trap.

The lizard is still on the loose around the Highlander Chapel, still insulting everything in ear shot. Wagner is still trying to come up with the sure fire lure for the lizard.

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