These are two "U.S. Army Photographs" of the memorial service for WO1 Michael Gail Harvey, apparently the first member of the 176th AHC to be killed in action.
Large picture on left. Text on back of photo reads: Memorial service for pilot killed [illegible text] South Vietnam, WO1 Harvey hit 5:00pm 16 [illegible] 1967 died [illegible] at 7:30pm of leg and stomach wounds age 20 married (1) son. Names listed on back of photo:MAJ Morton, LTC Ponder, MAJ Phillips, MAJ Hanna, CPT Bowen (dead), MAJ Kettles, WO1 Pollock, WO1 Reny, WO1 McLure, CPT McGuire, MAJ Baldwin (dead), MAJ Fordham, CPT Hammond (both legs), CPT Tanner (leg), WO1 Mark, LT Shank, WO1 Roy, WO1 Scott (dead), CPT Adams (arm), WO1 Murty, WO1 Mizejewski (broken back).
Small picture on right. Text on back of photo reads: CPT Wade,Chaplain. Helmet WO1 Harvey was wearing when he was hit.