Michael Redding


Mike as a senior Warrant Officer Candidate.

Mike was in 4th WOC Class 69-37 Flight B1.

Mike in his room at Ft. Wolters.

Picture taken under the crossed rotors
at the Mineral Wells , TX, Holiday Inn
after Mike's solo flight initiation dunk in the pool. 


Mike and 176th maintenance bird.

Crew of the Maintenance Bird- Mike Redding, Cpt. ?,
Unidentified, Unidentified,
Gunner SP4 McDaniel, CE SP5 Beardon. 

WO Mike Redding, WO Mike Waugh, WO Roland Handel,
Cpt ?, SP5 Beardon, SP4 McDaniel.

Mike with a 176th AHC Super Hog gunship, probably 65-09533.

Muskets WO "Wierd Willy" Horvay, WO Chuck Fatheree,
WO Richard Grant, and WO Mike Redding.

Mike in doorway of 176th AHC maintenance officer's hooch.

Maintenance Officers Cpt. ? and Mike Redding.