Roland Scheck's Nose Art Collection

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101st Airborne
176th AHC Minutemen
120th AHC The Deans (See 1)
174th AHC Sharks
174th AHC Dolphins
173rd Airborne Bde
Ist Aviation Bde.
339th Transport Co. (DS)
116th AHC Hornets
336th AHC Warriors
Witchdoctor, 409th Maintenance Detachment, supporting the 174th AHC.


52nd Avn Bn

101st Airborne
Unidentified Engineers
Unidentified - Looks like battle damage in the nose
56th Recovery
11th ACR




  #3- Picture #3 identified by Ron Milk who served with the 98th Trans Det., 120th AHC, 210th CAB during '67 as a door gunner and member of downed aircraft recovery team.

#6a- Picture #6 of Roland Shecks is from the 173d Airborne Brigade. I believe the patch on the nose of #18 is from the 11th ACR.
Paul Fretts

#6b- Huey No. 6 has the insignia of the 173d Abn. Bde. (John Stewardson)

#11a -Picture #11 is the 336th AHC/Warriors out of Soc Trang RVN. (wayne mcgregor)

#11b- 25th Infantry Division " Zulu Hunter". name not provided.

#13- Re: Roland Scheck's collection #13...
I'm about 99% sure that this was the CO's personally assigned aircraft for the 52nd Avn Bn. "Dragon 6" would have been his call sign and the 52nd was known as the "Flying Dragons"...of which the 119th, 179th (?) and 155th AHCs were a part of. Camp Holloway, near Pleiku, II Corps would have been the HDQTs for the 52nd.
I don't recall the Bn CO's name while I was there, but I believe that I actually flew in this aircraft around the week of Sept 2, 1967. At that time, the Bn CO needed an experienced pilot to fly him around in-country when he was ready to DEROS while he said good-by to his company commanders. With 11 months in country, I was the aircraft commander selected to be his co-pilot.
Ron Corbin call sign "California Dreamer" 119th AHC (66-67), A/158/101st (69)

#13b- Item 13 (Dragon 6) is from the 52nd CAB, 17th Group, Camp Holloway, and is likely (I'm not certain, I must admit) to be the bird for the Battalion Commander.
Tom Lumpkin (Lumpy) here, 119th AHC, Camp Holloway, Pleiku, '70.

#18a-  I believe your nose art photo #18 belongs to:
Air Cavalry Troop
11th Armored Cav
Also, note that there is a hat next to first graphic of horse insignia thats says "Blackhorse" with amini version of this inisignia.
Frank E. Cavadi, Jr.

#18b- I'm right in regards to the nose art that is numbered as #18. I'm no expert but, my ex-brother-in-law wore that shoulder patch. It's the 11th Armored Cav. Regt. He was assigned to them twice. Once in Nam and later in Germany at Fulda. I don't recognize what is above the horse's back and slightly to the right. Appears to be a dove or some sort of bird but the basic emblem is the 11th ACAV. Hope I was of some help.
Scott Bowers
TSgt, USAF, Ret

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